About Me – A NY Boudoir Photographer

I’ve been doing some soul searching. Revisiting the reasons for why I do this and remind myself what a boudoir shoot means to so many women I’ve worked with. How it has effected them. How it helped them blossom after seeing themselves in a totally new light. So while I work on a new site, I couldn’t wait to update my “About” page. I just couldn’t wait to share it with you:

“My name is Irina and I definitely feel needed doing this. With every hug and happy email at the end of the shoot, I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be. It is exactly through boudoir photography that I am able to take any woman and provide the opportunity to take the blindfold off and show you who I see in front of me, because that woman is beautiful. You are beautiful. And not only do you deserve this, but you need this. And you’ll never be the same again after, because your pictures aren’t just pigment on paper. They are the part of you that is hidden from most, but more-so, from yourself, and it’s time you two met.”



Agent Provocateur and Boudoir Photography

I was very excited to get contacted by Agent Provocateur for a possible partnership. Having been a big fan of their lingerie for years and after working with so many clients who love their unique pieces, I jumped at the chance to join forces. I think we’re a perfect fit! Aside from that really nice feeling that I got when I realized that they thought so too, my clients can get to enjoy a great feeling as well. From now until Valentine’s Day, whoever books a shoot with me, will receive a voucher for a VIP discount with Agent Provocateur’s Mercer Street boutique.


A boudoir shoot for herself

At the beginning of the year I was contacted by someone who we’ll call Ms. X. She was looking to do a boudoir shoot as a gift to her fiance. As many of my clients are brides, this was typical. When she walked into my studio, glowing and excited, she said “Do you know why I’m doing this shoot?”. I thought I knew, but she said that by the time the shoot date arrived her story had changed “a little”. She was no longer doing the shoot just for him, but for herself as well.  Her story, in her own words, is below. Thank you Ms. X for letting me share your story.

When I first decided to book a shoot with Irina I was doing it as a gift for my fiancé. I figured that it would be a great xmas/valentines day/ wedding gift. Jason and I met in 2002 and we dated for a little while before I decided to enlist in the USN.  I went away for four and a half years got married had a baby boy and got divorced all in a single term. I was then honorably discharged in 2008 and decided to come back to NJ to be with my family.

Coming back home only intensified the memories of a love I thought was lost.  I decided to reach out in hopes of finding him and I left several messages at his last known employment and I was told they would relay the message. I honestly didn’t think I would hear back from him, but he did call me about a week later.  We have been together ever since.  We had another baby boy and, alas, he proposed August 25th 2012.  But that’s not my happily ever after.   As I waited for the day of my photo shoot to arrive I was hit with some hard news. My RA was back.

When I was 13 years old I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was told that with treatment I would be fine and resume a normal life.  As the doctors have said, I lead a normal life and even went into remission. But last November as the aches, pains, and fatigue intensified I had to come to terms with what was ahead of me. I realized that I was no longer doing the shoot just for Jason, but more for myself as something to look back on if I was to be plagued with the deformities that come along with this disease.

Irina has such an artistic eye.  She made me feel comfortable and beautiful and the outcome of the photos are something I am going to treasure forever.  Thank you Irina!!


I’m Not Sexy

“I’m not sexy” she said as we were shooting. I had no choice but to show her the back of the camera to show her what I’m looking at. I hope that is the last time she ever says that.:)Here’s what we created together.

Fishnet stockings, Balloons, Fringed Collar, oh my! (18+)

A “blank canvas” type of client is always fun to work with. As a photographer, I get to come up with all sorts of fun things I’ve been wanting to try and everything just works right and falls into place. On Valentine’s Day, I had quite the opposite. Now I know that after what I just said this might sound like a bad thing, but it was actually pretty great! She had this wonderful look about her – a little edgy yet elegant and it propelled the shoot into exactly that direction. But that’s not all. She’s also a dancer, which definitely deserves brownie points, because I know she can move and will most likely teach me a few things. So I had a chance to focus less on posing and let the shoot breathe a bit and see what develops. What we created, I think, is pretty darn awesome.

So what do you get when you combine a dancer, some fishnet stockings, balloons, and a really unique fringe collar? Scroll down to see and don’t forget to show some love and share.:)

Photoshop work – NONE!

Hair and Makeup by Lance Lappin Salon.