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If you don’t know yet, it’s only a matter of time before you find out. I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret! Cannot get enough. And I’m not talking about the lingerie either. I think there are very few photographers out there, female or male, who would not just die to shoot a Victoria’s Secret model. And […]

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1 Year Anniversary

Usually, when thinking of anniversaries, positive thoughts come to mind. Not so much today. It’s unbelievable that a whole year has gone by since the death of Michael Jackson. Like with many people, Michael has been a part of my life in so many ways. One major way was that my, now, husband, who was in […]

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The Sexy Side of Creative I Photography

Welcome to the French Kiss Blog! I’m so excited to finally introduce French Kiss Photography to the world! It’s the new addition to the Creative I Photography prototype. For a few years that I’ve been shooting weddings and boudoir, I’ve bunched them up under one name and one website. Awful of me, I know! But not anymore. Boudoir Photography is just […]

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