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A boudoir shoot for herself


At the beginning of the year I was contacted by someone who we’ll call Ms. X. She was looking to do a boudoir shoot as a gift to her fiance. As many of my clients are brides, this was typical. When she walked into my studio, glowing and excited, she said “Do you know why […]

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I’m Not Sexy


“I’m not sexy” she said as we were shooting. I had no choice but to show her the back of the camera to show her what I’m looking at. I hope that is the last time she ever says that.Here’s what we created together.

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Fishnet stockings, Balloons, Fringed Collar, oh my! (18+)

A “blank canvas” type of client is always fun to work with. As a photographer, I get to come up with all sorts of fun things I’ve been wanting to try and everything just works right and falls into place. On Valentine’s Day, I had quite the opposite. Now I know that after what I […]

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A Boudoir Shoot Experience From a Client’s Perspective

I can talk all day about how wonderful a boudoir shoot is and how empowering, confidence boosting, and how fun it is, but I want you to hear for yourself from a client’s perspective. Hope it will give those who are on the fence that extra push to just go for it. And don’t forget […]

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Bridal Boudoir: NYC Boudoir Photography

“Wow” came to mind when Laura walked through my door. Her eyes stopped me dead in my tracks – I may have forgotten to ask if I may take her coat. Her eyes are either magnetic, or electric, or hypnotic, or all of the above. Just out of this world! When she looks into the […]

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