A Boudoir Shoot Experience From a Client’s Perspective

I can talk all day about how wonderful a boudoir shoot is and how empowering, confidence boosting, and how fun it is, but I want you to hear for yourself from a client’s perspective. Hope it will give those who are on the fence that extra push to just go for it. And don’t forget to share!

Hair and makeup by Lance Lappin Salon.

Bridal Boudoir: NYC Boudoir Photography

“Wow” came to mind when Laura walked through my door. Her eyes stopped me dead in my tracks – I may have forgotten to ask if I may take her coat. Her eyes are either magnetic, or electric, or hypnotic, or all of the above. Just out of this world! When she looks into the camera it actually is a bit intimidating. If we had not spoken before, I may have actually been nervous, but she is a total sweetheart and she’s getting MARRIED! I can only dream of being a fly on the wall when her fiancé sees these pictures on the day of their wedding. He will not know what to do with himself!

Boudoir Photography Video: What are you waiting for?

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The 4-hour shoot

I’m starting to believe in multiple lives, because when “Miss J.” walked into the studio for her shoot I swear it was like we’ve been friends forever within minutes. Her beauty is tremendous. Her modesty is admirable. It’s baffling how someone like her is not conceited. Somehow everything felt fresh and 4 hours later I realized we went 3 hours overtime and that I’m 2 hours late to a dinner that Friday night. It didn’t matter. We were creating this:


Some of you may be familiar with Holly, a very close friend of mine who graces my gallery and blog. She is the drop dead gorgeous Asian girl, (or should I say lady) who I love working with every chance I get. And now she is MARRIED!!!  Her wedding day was exceptional and while she forbade me from “working”, I still could not resist capturing the beautiful story of their day. So in my dress and heels I shadowed the photographer, who happened to be a buddy of mine, and shot some video to surprise her with the next day. Hope you like it! Enjoy. LOVE YOU HOLLY!:)

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